Citi® Secured MasterCard®

Citi® Secured Credit Card

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Main Credit Card Features

No Annual Fee

How MasterCard® Credit Card Network Works

MasterCard is one of the U.S. and world’s most widely accessed credit card networks. The quality of benefits on your MasterCard is dependent on the level of card you own. Lowest level cardholders receive the most basic benefits. Mid-range cardholders have access to the World MasterCard®. The best benefits are given to the World Elite MasterCard® users.

How No Annual Fee Credit Cards Work

No annual fee credit card is great as a backup credit card as you don’t need to pay to maintain it. You might need a backup credit card if your primary one got lost or stolen. Another benefit of no annual fee credit card is that you can improve your credit to debt ratio if you don’t use is consistently. Another to consider this card if you are looking for a specific perk.